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See What Others Have To Say


J.B. Wilson & Son Well Drilling offers trusted and knowledgeable expertise in the field of well drilling. Take a look at what some of our past clients have said about our work.


Trusted and Relied Upon

I recently purchased a property in Malahide with a 100 year old well. When the water stopped running, the problem was an antiquated pump down in the well. The first solution offered by a plumber/pump installer was a new pump inside the building and a line down into the well. This proved futile. The second suggestion offered by the plumber/pump installer was a new well.
With a little further research, the J.B. Wilson & Son Well Drilling company assured me that this problem could probably be solved far more expediently by conducting a pump test on the existing well that proved the well was ok. Without any experience or knowledge of wells and how they work, it was most gratifying to find a service that I could trust and rely on to manage this issue for me.
Gert A.


Up and Running Before Nightfall

I am the owner of a commercial property and we have three tenants who all rely on well water. During the early 2000s the well pump quit. Knowing that the three tenants could not last long without water, I started calling around. After contacting J.B. Wilson & Son Well Drilling, they were the only ones who could attend that day and change the pump and within 4 or 5 hours of my phone call, we were up and running again.

In 2016, after severing my commercial property, I was required to install a new well. I contacted several well drilling companies and over the phone, I was advised that we would have to go down around 125 - 180 feet deep in order to obtain a suitable flow of water and that most wells in this area contained a high concentration of sulphur and would require further water treatment system in order to have suitable water for my tenants. After contacting J.B. Wilson & Son Well Drilling, the owner visited my property within a few days and spent a considerable amount of time explaining their process of well drilling and indicated how far down he expected to find non-sulphur water. After a few days of thinking over the information I had obtained from the different well drilling companies, I chose to go with J.B. Wilson & Son Well Drilling. As a result, the well ended up being within a couple feet of the 84' down that John had predicted and we had clean, non-sulphur water. In short, J.B. Wilson & Son Well Drilling was a bit more money per foot, but at the end of the day, I felt I had secured better water at a better price.

There is no doubt, I would highly recommend J.B. Wilson & Son Well Drilling.
Dana P, Pier 74 Inc.


Quality Delivered With J.B. Wilson & Son

I would like to take a moment to thank J.B. Wilson & Son Well Drilling for the great job they did at educating me on wells and giving us an abundant source of fresh water. After having called a few other well drillers and comparing prices, I chose Wilson because of their drilling method and the experience they had. From a pricing standpoint, their price per foot is higher than others but the real money saved is in fewer screens at the bottom of the well. Our well is 15ft shallower than the neighbor's, has 6ft of screen versus the neighbor's 12ft and we have more water. We saved over $1,600 by choosing J.B. Wilson & Son Well Drilling over the competitor. The work Wilson's performed was very satisfactory and their professional attitude toward other well drillers was respectful too, which I can't say about their competitors. When choosing your well driller, please take the time to ask a few questions and compare the total price and I'm confident you will be happy in going with J.B. Wilson & Son Well Drilling.
Abe F.


“Not Bad For a ‘Dry’ Farm”

The Wilson family has a perfect record of drilling wells for me. So I decided to give them a crack at a farm that was considered "dry". Two wells went dry in the early 1970's. A water line from another farm was installed to service the "dry" farm. In 2005, another well driller put in a well on a Thursday. He proclaimed it a good well and left. By Saturday morning it was bone dry.

I needed water at this farm and didn't want to replace the 45 year old water line. After careful research, the Wilson rig moved in and drilled a 100' deep well producing 10 GPM. Not bad for a ‘dry’ farm!
John S.


Recommended to Anyone Who Needs a Well

The following is from a letter sent to J.B. Wilson & Son Well Drilling.

Dear John,
I want to thank you for the excellent job in the development of our new well. As you are aware, we had been living a nightmare for the past year trying to get a sustained water supply for our new home. You and your two sons' were extremely knowledgeable and most importantly, honest and truthful, during the entire well drilling process. Everyone gave a 100% effort to ensure we were satisfied with the results.

I was very sceptical in trying to drill a well for a forth time having had what I will call two previous fraudulent attempts from [another well driller]. Our third attempt by a different well driller resulted in finding water, but due to the fine sandy soil content, he was unable to pump the water to the surface. We were not impressed after having spent $20,000.00 on wells to end up living off a 2,000 gallon cistern and having to ration water use and pay a monthly water delivery bill of $120.00.

It's been 4 months since the installation of our new well and we are extremely pleased with the amount and quality of the water. I have no idea why the other drilling companies could not accomplish what your company did. That being said, I want to thank you again for an excellent job and I would recommend your company to anyone having the need to drill a water well…
Your truly,
John Z.


Knowledgeable Experts

They can answer any questions with 5 generations of experience behind them. They have the ability to locate wells through witching! Very cool to watch. If you want it done right call them.
Abe G.

Knowledge, quality, integrity.
April W.


Here are some of the businesses, companies and entities we have done work for in the past:

Golf Courses

  • Red Tail Golf Course
  • Tarandowah Golfers Club
  • St. Thomas Golf and CC
  • Westminster Trails Golf Club (London)
  • Pine Knot Golf and CC (Dorchester)
  • East Park Golf Gardens (London)
  • Maple Ridge Golf Course (London)
  • Woodstock Meadows Golf Centre
  • Elmira Golf and Country Club
  • Lyndenshire Golf Club (London)
  • The Oaks Golf and CC
  • Belmont Golf Club



  • Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change – Well monitoring program
  • Ministry of Natural Resources – Normandale Fish Culture Station
  • Ministry of Natural Resources – Rondeau Provincial Park
  • Agriculture Canada – Sanford St. Research Station (London)
  • Agriculture Canada – Delhi Research Station
  • Municipality of Thames Centre
  • Town of Aylmer
  • Township of Malahide
  • Munsee-Delaware Nation
  • Chippewa of the Thames First Nation
  • Hydro One
  • City of Stratford
  • Municipality of South-West Oxford
  • County of Elgin
  • Municipality of Central Elgin
  • Township of Blandford-Blenheim
  • Municipality of Chatham-Kent
  • Municipality of Bayham
  • Elgin Family and Children’s Services
  • City of St. Thomas
  • Thames Valley District School Board
  • County of Brant


Conservation Authorities

  • Kettle Creek Conservation Authority
  • Catfish Creek Conservation Authority
  • Upper Thames Conservation Authority
  • Long Point Conservation Authority



  • Streef Produce (Princeton)
  • Syngenta Research Farm (Arva)
  • Bonduelle Foods (Ingersoll)
  • Heritage Garden Gallery - Greenhouse and Nursery (London)
  • Pieper Nurseries (Dorchester)
  • Shade Oak Swine
  • William F. Bradish & Sons Ltd
  • Burnbrae Farms
  • Clovermead Apiaries (Aylmer)
  • Fergus Brothers Farms
  • Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association
  • Oegema Turkey Farms (Talbotville)
  • Can-Am Pepper Company (Aylmer)
  • Gredig’s Orchards (Aylmer)
  • VanYmeren Orchards (Aylmer)
  • Weesjes Greenhouses (St. Thomas)
  • Elmwold Farms (Brownsville)
  • Nagelhaven Farms (Springfield)
  • Mushroom Producers Cooperative (Norwich)
  • Ijsseldijk Dairy Farms (Springfield)
  • Buehlmann Farms (Springfield)


Churches/Community Groups

  • Forest City Community Church (London)
  • Catholic Diocese of London
  • New Hope Baptist Church (Tillsonburg)
  • Dorchester Christian Family Centre
  • Union United Church
  • Tillsonburg Christian Reform Church
  • Gladstone Baptist Church
  • Aylmer Christian Reform Church
  • Aylmer Church of God
  • First Baptist Church (Tillsonburg)
  • Mt. Salem Christian School
  • Cherry St – Aylmer (Low Income Housing)



  • DeBeers
  • TMMC - Toyota ( Woodstock)
  • Petro Canada
  • London Honda
  • ASI Group
  • Hudson Boat Works
  • Slo Pitch City
  • J-AAR Excavating
  • Dutch Brothers Concrete


Builders / Construction Companies

  • 291 Construction (London)
  • Blue Con
  • Keith Hunt Construction (Aylmer)
  • DeSutter Homes (Aylmer)
  • New Wave Homes (St. Thomas)
  • Riviera Homes
  • Oak Country Homes
  • Thorncrest Homes
  • Tonda Construction
  • Intrepid General Ltd
  • Rijnen Construction
  • Donwest Construction Ltd. (St. Thomas)


Consulting Engineers

  • Spriet Associates Ltd.
  • CRA - Conestoga Rovers and Associates
  • Arcadis
  • SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc.
  • ASI Group
  • Golder Associates


I want to brag about my family's business. Wilson Well Drilling in Springfield, Ontario. We have competitors who drive over an hour to our area to drill for $5 per foot less and people think they are getting a bargain. This past week 3 different drillers were in a subdivision 5 minutes from our shop. My son Johnny's well is 118' with 7' screen with 15-20 gallons per minute. One driller got a decent amount of water too but buzzed down to 205' with 8' screen. He offers a 10 percent discount and goes 42 percent deeper! The other driller went down 190' with 8' screen and only 3 gpm. Real bargains, paying for 72-87 more feet of well, more screen, less water. Buy Local, Buy Value.

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