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Well Decommissioning

Well Decommissioning

When a well is no longer being used it is necessary to properly abandon the well in order to avoid polluting the ground water with surface contamination. We don’t want surface water, fertilizer, leftovers from old gas stations, manure or a host of other possible contaminants entering your drinking water, or that of your neighbours. The Ministry of the Environment outlines the proper methods to be used and materials required when completing a well decommissioning project. We have decommissioned drilled wells, large diameter dug wells, and sand points for domestic, as well as institutional, municipal and industrial customers. We are fully licensed and insured to decommission drilled wells, as well as large diameter dug wells and well points.

Our main services include:

  • Drilled Wells
  • Dug Wells
  • Sand Points

Government grants:

Please contact us for a list of current grant options available.

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