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Well Repairs and Rehabilitation
Pump Tests

Well Repairs, Pumping System, Well Evaluations & More

Well Evaluations


A new well isn’t always the answer! Just because your well is over 30 years old, doesn’t mean you can’t fix it or that you need a new one. We offer a range of water well services that can update your current well and often SAVE you money!


If you are buying or selling a property, it is very important to have an evaluation done on the well and pumping system by a properly licensed and insured contractor. Sellers want to prove that an adequate supply of water is available from the well and that the pumping system is functioning properly. Buyers want to be sure that they have enough water to meet their lifestyle and family needs. Typically, sellers have “lots of water” and buyers don’t have “enough”. Avoid the hassles of angry buyers post-sale, or of being the proud owner of a water headache. We perform these pump tests and well/pumping system evaluations for buyers, sellers and work with many local real estate agents to meet the needs of their clients.


Well Rehabilitation

Over time, some wells may experience diminished water production. This can be due to a variety of reasons, normally because of a build-up of scale/minerals at the bottom of the well, but can also be caused by a period of inactivity or under-use. The first thing some contractors may tell you is that you need a new well. We would recommend getting a second opinion, as this is normally the last resort, with many other options available to increase your well’s water production. Using a combination of mechanical and chemical means, we are able to clean well screens and redevelop wells to maximize their water production. Our company has completed this type of work for homeowners, as well as large municipal, farm, irrigation, and industrial water users. As with the other services offered, we are fully licensed and insured to rehabilitate wells.


Our services include:

  • Mechanical
  • Chemical


Well Repairs, Upgrades, and Well Pit Removal

J.B. Wilson & Son Well Drilling can upgrade older wells and installations to meet current standards. As with the other services offered, we are fully licensed and insured to perform this work for you. In the past, well heads were often finished-off in a well pit with the casing cut off 4 feet below grade. At the time, that was the only method of keeping the water lines from freezing before the water could be pumped into the house. For many years, the pit-less adapter had eliminated the need for a well pit, but many older well pits still exist. We are able to add a steel well casing to bring the wellhead above grade, install a pit-less adapter and eliminate the well pit. This brings your well up to current standards and removes the danger of someone or something falling into the well pit. This also makes servicing your well down the road much easier, faster, and less expensive. We also repair well heads that have been damaged by lawn mowers, snow removal equipment or any other type of casing/well cap “mishap” that may have occurred.


Some of our services include:

  • Flow and Pump Tests
  • Pumping System and Well Evaluations for Real Estate Transactions
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